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Network of Caring is a significance movement. Many years ago, in spite of their business success, Jim and Nancy Dornan realized that there is no success without significance. Unless you can do something important and transcendent for someone else-something that changes their lives-you really have not had success in life. The longing in the human spirit to do something significant is the inspiration behind the Dornan's creation of Network of Caring, a Significance Movement. 

Network of Caring is also the philanthropic arm of Network TwentyOne Inc., the leadership development organization founded by Jim and Nancy Dornan. Network TwentyOne's Independent Business Owners are an amazing group of people who give generously to Network of Caring's initiatives around the world. One of Network of Caring's largest initiatives has been helping children with World Vision a partnership that has existed since 1998. Since then thousands of Network TwentyOne IBOs have sponsored children, and Network TwentyOne has been identified as one of World Vision's largest corporate sponsors. In 2007 Network TwentyOne IBOs responded to the needs of children in Mumbai, India by building the Ambassador High School and the Karuna Orphans Home. More recently the needs of the disabled have inspired IBOs not only to give but to participate in distributing free wheelchairs in impoverished countries. And now when a new initiative is attempted, Network of Caring turns immediately to Network TwentyOne IBOs to help meet the needs of others. Without the support of Network TwentyOne IBOs around the world, Network of Caring could not do what it does for the world's neediest people.

Jim & Nancy DornanJim & Nancy Dornan
"Jim Dornan is a leader of leaders. Trained as an Aeronautical Engineer, and graduate of Purdue University, Jim made the transition long ago to the world of business and has functioned as an entrepreneur for over 30 years. He is the author of best selling books including "Becoming a Person of Influence" (with John C. Maxwell) and founder of Network TwentyOne International. Mr. Dornan speaks regularly to audiences of tens of thousands from Europe to Africa, India to Southeast Asia, and Australia to the Americas. He resides in Florida, but is at home in any of the 25 countries where he has offices and business friends globally.

As coach, strategist, and mentor for some of the highest achievers in the world, he has compiled a wealth of experiences and a unique perspective that is available to any who choose to listen. Father of three wonderful children, and with his wife Nancy as a life partner, Jim Dornan brings both business and personal views to his teaching. But "business and teaching is only one aspect of the Dornans....

From their early days in business, Jim and Nancy were interested in finding ways to give back from their blessings, and encouraged others to join them. After expanding their enterprise to Australia more than 20 years ago, they caught a vision there to partner with one of the world's most respected charitable organizations, World Vision, and to launch a child sponsorship effort that was named "Network of Caring". Later, after a personal visit to one of their sponsored villages in Africa, Jim and Nancy became even more committed to seeing this vision expanded globally. "Our hearts sank when we saw these children, but almost immediately Jim and I decided that they wouldn't be abandoned," Nancy recalls. "That was not going to happen." On that hot, Africa day, Network of Caring was committed to a new level. Returning to the USA....the passion expanded and began to multiply.

That beginning has now resulted in giving to World Vision from the Network of Caring partners of over $30 Million, and some 60,000 children in Africa, Asia, South America, and Europe are now being fed, housed, and educated.... the sole result of the generosity of this Network of Caring. Additionally, they next took personal action to rescue homeless orphans on the streets of Mumbai India by building the Karuna School and Hostel. Housing more than 200 orphans and educating 1000s of other children, Karuna is a beautiful testimony of their resolve to make a difference.

"We're not doing it for credit," Jim says. Adds Nancy, "We do these things because they need to be done. We're just trying to make a difference.." "If it's just about success, your well will soon run dry," explains Jim. "People get obsessed with success. They sacrifice too much, ignore their kids, their spouse, the things that are truly important to them. One hundred percent of the time that doesn't work." Nancy completes Jim's thought: "It's not about acquiring things, or making money. It's about making a difference. We teach people to operate their businesses with integrity, honesty, and balance, and to use their businesses to help and build people," Nancy adds.

The Dornans' son, Eric--though born with Spina bifida, has become a passionate advocate for Power Soccer. In this fast-paced sport, quadriplegics use specially equipped motorized wheelchairs (or power chairs) to "kick" an oversized soccer ball. When Eric discovered the sport in California several years ago, there were only five power soccer teams in the U.S. and Canada. Eric was determined to create more teams and give other wheelchair users the thrill he was experiencing at being physically active and competitive.

Funded by Network of Caring's sister charity, the Fernando Foundation, Eric and Fernando Foundation leaders, David Ruelas and Jerry Frick, traveled thousands of miles to recruit players. Now joined by star Power Soccer athlete from France, Jerome Duran (aka "Pika"), The Foundation has funded and developed more than 50 new U.S. and Canadian teams....and Power Soccer is nearing "critical mass" in N. America. Eric and others are pushing to make power soccer an event in the Paralympics, and he's traveled overseas to work with teams in other countries to forge an agreement on international rules. "A sport like this," says Jim, "gives people in power chairs hope and a dream."

The Dornans have recently formed a partnership with Free Wheelchair Mission to bring wheelchairs to those around the world who cannot afford one. Forced to crawl or depend on others to carry them, the disabled in the third world find dignity and health when a Network of Caring partner lifts them into their own wheelchair. Thousands around the world have now received a chair with many more wheelchair distributions planned.

Despite all they've accomplished, Jim and Nancy downplay their role. Says Nancy, "We don't assume that we are solely responsible for our achievements. It's only because God has seen fit to use us this way. And because of that, we've had the opportunity to make a difference. We now have a large and generous family of partners who share our vision."

And make a difference they have.

(Excerpted from Achieve Magazine, August 2007)"

So, whether it is mobilizing thousands to sponsor children around the world, or build a school and home for needy children of India, or provide free wheelchairs, or launch a new sport, and world of adventure for disabled people and children, or purchase hearing aids for a deaf school in China....and on and on.....the Network of Caring has had a proud and productive start...and the Dornans are committed to even greater fruit as they move ahead with this dream and multiply.

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